Jungle Communications is a nimble and diversified advertising agency located in California, and specializing in DIGITAL MEDIA, BRANDING and LANGUAGE SERVICES.

We exist to bridge the Communication, Cultural and Linguistic gap between Brands and Consumers. We develop emotional reference and lasting loyality for brand.

By assisting clients understand and satisfy diverse consumer need and wants, we close the circle of bringing brands and consumers together in the digital marketplace.

In operations since 2002, we renovate our spirits and skills every day. We use social media technology to participate in the digital conversation across barriers, integrate new and fresh ideas to renew clients' brands, and anticipating market trends.

Our small size allows us to be nimble and responsive to our client’s needs. We reach far beyond our immediate geographical area, through truly local and global resource management.

This agility and know-how has allowed us to assist such giants as Sun Microsystems find world locations for their software outsourcing needs, Intel reach out to world markets in Brazil, China and several Spanish-speaking countries, Kensington Corporation brand and introduce their products in Japan, Skanska outreach business and residents in Los Angeles during Metro Link mega-construction under Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, Sacramento Delta in California developed a marketing and advertising campaign using digital and traditional media, to promote travel and tourism to the Delta, and countless other outreach projects to assist Bay Area municipalities and California state agencies comply with Title VI of federal government's mandate, to efficiently "reach ethnic markets and communities in California, to provide basic government services.


We provide digital branding strategy, creative services and languages to assist clients reach Asians and Hispanics markets. Using social digital channels, we develop educational, entertaining and inspiring experiential events targeting diverse audience, in English or other languages.

We excel at developing creative and impacting story-telling to showcase our client’s brands in a memorable and meaningful light, to assist consumers through brand-discovery and smart decision-making process.

Our team is as diverse as the clients we serve and their target markets. We are agile, smart, capable and able to cover a wide range of markets, geographies, cultures and languages. In the past twenty years we have provided excellent services to B2B, B2C and B2G which have established our good reputation in the market. We have assisted many clients reach their diverse California audiences successfully, and we pride ourselves in providing customs solutions adapted to each brand.

We love challenges, so give us a call to discuss how we may be able to assist reach your diverse and expanding markets.


Below see some of the work we have done to date. We love challenges and creating unique custom solutions for brands. Our winning campaign’s make use of our Creative Visions, Digital Interactive Media and Technology, as well as our knowledge and expertise with cultures and languages to reach target markets.


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Doris Flores

Software Engineer


Brandon Ross

Java Developer


Tina Rice

Web Developer


Kevin Perry

Software Developer


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